We are a competitive BBQ team committed to spreading the BBQ culture at any level. Follow us!

About us

For us firing up our pits means have good time with good friends doing what we love. Psycho Dog Barbecue Team born few months ago from the union of two already existing teams, Psycho Griller BBQ Team (from Venice) and Sausage Dog Barbeque (from Bologna), plus William Zennari (from Verona). Our Teams still exist and still work alone but we thought to put together all the experiences and strengths to create one team which would have taken advantage from this.

Some of us are KCBS and SCA judges and in March 2018 we have organized a very succesful KCBS contests, “The War of Barbeque”. As you can easily understand we like every side of the BBQ competitions! Well, we are first of all a group of friends which loves to do BBQ, then a group of friends which loves to compete in BBQ contests because that’s a way to find some new and old friends! But obviously results matter… We are rookies but we already got some satisfaction!

Not official KCBS\WBQA-NBC events (sanctioned by judges and food experts): a Grand Champion for a remarkable beginning!
Official KCBS events: two times 1st place Ribs, one 3rd place Ribs. Official WBQA-NBC events (guest of other BBQ Teams and on our own): 1st place Brisket, 1st place Ribs, 3rd place Ribs, 3rd place Chicken, 5th place Chicken, 5th place Dessert, 6th place Fish, 7th place Chicken, 7th place Ribs, 7th place Pork …let’s hope to collect more achievements! Follow us and our sponsors, we will have fun!